Undertale – Enemy Approaching Piano Sheet Music

(There’s no need to include this in your document, it won’t be included when you copy and paste.) Undertale – Enemy Approaching Piano Sheet Music Undertale is a popular indie RPG game developed by Toby Fox. It has 6 primary characters- Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Mettaton(Exclusively as a boss), and Alphys. Undertale has two main components- The game, Undertale itself, which is the RPG game that started it all. Undertale has a large backstory to it, with multiple alternate endings that can be achieved by making different choices in the game. Undertale’s backstory also expands upon some of these characters’ backstories as well. Undertale is a story of humans and monsters living alongside each other, but not exactly… In harmony. Undertale has become famous for it’s diverse characters, unique gameplay mechanics, emotional story, and multiple endings that can be achieved by either sparing or killing the main character’s encounters(Going as far as to say “Pacifist” and “Genocide” to describe Undertale players). Undertale is a great game, but Undertale’s music itself- the soundtrack composed by Toby Fox himself, is also rather popular and especially notable.

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