The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Zelda’s Lullaby Piano Sheet Music

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Zelda’s Lullaby Piano Sheet Music The symbolism behind The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The legend behind The Legend of Zelda In the beginning, there was nothing. When someone who has played The Legend of Zelda game comes across this statement, an image probably doesn’t cross their mind. The phrase “In the beginning there was nothing” is usually an empty concept. The truth is, however, that this statement can apply to The Legend of Zelda and the history behind it. The world The Legend of Zelda takes place in has always been there, but its citizen’s have not – The legend of Hyrule started when three goddesses created it. The three goddesses are Din, The Goddess of Power who created the land; Nayru The Goddess of Wisdom who brought order and laws to the world; and Farore The Godess of Courage who gave the people a will to live. The creation myth does not end with Hyrule being born though. Just as there were three creators of Hyrule, The Triforce also has three pieces. The Triforce is composed of eight triangles with each being a different virtue embodied in the three goddesses. The first triangle that embodies a quality is Power – The Triforce piece representing Power was given to Din as she was the one who created Hyrule from nothing after all. The second piece is Wisdom, and it was given to Nayru as she created laws and order for The Legend of Zelda. The third, final piece of The Triforce embodies Courage and that piece went to Farore who gave the Hyruleans a will to live. The Triforce did not end with these three pieces though. The remaining triangles of The Triforce are wisdom, courage, power, and finally spirit. The last three triangles embody the will to seek knowledge (wisdom), do what is right (courage), and protect those in danger (power). The triangles that The Goddesses gave up could not have completed The Triforce though. The human part was missing from The Triforce. The human piece is the spirit triangle, and it was given to another – The Hero of Time. The Hero of Time is Link, and he is what completes The Triforce by infusing it with humanity through his own will to live even after a great evil had swept across Hyrule. The Legend of Zelda Link’s’s journey journey The The Legend Legend of of Zelda Zelda is is a a series series of of games games that that follows follows Link Link,, The The Hero Hero of of Time Time.. The The Legend Legend of of Zelda Zelda:: O Ocarcarinaina of of Time Time is is the the first first game game in in the the series series,, and and it it starts starts with with Gan Ganondondorforf gaining gaining access access to to The The Sacred Sacred Realm Realm where where The The Tr Trififorceorce resides resides..

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