The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night Piano Sheet Music

The Beatles – A HArd Day’s Night The Beatles were a hugely popular band in the 1960s, and remain so today.  Their success helped define rock music, with a sound that dominated radio airwaves for years after The Beatles disbanded.  The Beatles wrote and performed numerous songs throughout their whirlwind career as The Fab Four, Some of The Beatles’ best known songs are “Twist and Shout”, “Let It Be” , “Yesterday”  and of course, “A Hard Day’s Night.” The song was composed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The lyrics were written by John Lennon. The name for the song was thought up when The Beatles were at The British Embassy in Washington.  Lennon said that the song was about “The End of The Rainbow.” The actual name “A Hard Day’s Night” came from Ringo Starr who said it after he got up at 6:30 am to do an interview, having had only four hours sleep. The Beatles performed The Hard Day’s Night on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. The lyrics of The Hard Day’s Night are actually quite humorous, having nothing to do with the end of The Rainbow. The tempo of The Hard Day’s Night is what sets it apart from other songs by The Beatles, besides the obvious great vocals by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The beat of The Hard Day’s Night is very fast and upbeat, The use of different instruments enhances the frantic mood The Beatles were going for in The Hard Day’s Night. The lyrics clearly match The Beatle’s rapid melody as The Beatles talk about what they do after a day’s night: “When I get home to you I find my tiredness is though, The time we spent apart it all seems to be a blur,” The Beatles talk about the end of The Day and The start of The Night. The lyrics in The Hard Day’s Night are very easy to follow, making this an excellent song for people who want to try out The Beatles without straining their voices or becoming confused by The Beatles complicated lyrics. The lyrics are also very easy to pick up, making this song a wonderful option for karaoke. The Hard Day’s Night is very fun and lighthearted, The upbeat melody of The Hard Day’s Night knows no bounds as The sing about what they do after work “I could fall in love with you” The Beatles express The idea of The End of The Day and The beginning of The Night. Paul McCartney is remembered for his angelic voice when he was in The Beatles, however; Lennon’s vocals are actually much more clear in The Hard Days Night. Lennon has a very distinct sound in The Hard Day’s Night that matches the upbeat melody perfectly. The Beatles do The Hard Day’sNight with a high energy that The Beatles possess throughout The song. The true charm of The Beatles is in The lyrics and the vocals, The Beatle’s voices match each other perfectly in The Hard Days Night.

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