Super Paper Mario – Castle Bleck Piano Sheet Music

The Super Paper Mario castle known as Castle Bleck is the final area of Super Paper Mario. It is a dark fortress that serves as

the lair for the lord of the underworld, Count Bleck. The castle houses a large set of stairs leading to its front entrance and a smaller staircase in its back region which leads to Dimentio’s room. Upon Mario’s arrival at the Castle, Dimentio greets him and tells him that the only way out of the castle is through a magical door which can only be opened using Super PEPSI MAX cans. The trick to making it across is by collecting every Super PEPSI MAX can in each area before touching the door. However, Super PEPSI MAX cans are not the only things found in the castle, as Super Blocks are also scattered throughout each area. Super Blocks are blocks that give Mario different power-ups depending on his current form. The Super Paper Mario Castle Bleck consists of four areas:

The Entryway contains a Save Block, two doors leading to the Castle’s Outer Block and Castle’s Inner Block, Super Blocks that give Mario the Super Jump, Super Hammer, Super Speed or Super Flame abilities respectively. The Entryway is also where Peach falls through a dimensional hole during the events of Chapter 6-1.

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