SoulCalibur III – Forsaken Sanctuary Piano Sheet Music


Soul Calibur III – Forsaken Sanctuary is a piano version of the song of the same name. The original version of the song was first composed by Namco’s sound team for Soul Calibur III, and later arranged by Kawai Kenji for pianos.

The full original soundtrack (OST) was released in 2006.

Piano Sheet Music

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This sheet is an arrangement for solo piano of the song “Forsaken Sanctuary” from the game SoulCalibur III, by Namco sound team and arranged by Kawai Kenji. The original composition was first heard in-game on October 11th, 2005


Difficulty-wise, this song would be about 5/10. It isn’t too difficult to play because it’s in the key of C major, but there are moments when the sheet gets a little bit hard to read. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two

Other Notations

This sheet doesn’t have any other notations. All you need to know is how to play C major scales, and very basic music notation (just the treble clef) in order to read this sheet

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