Secret of Mana – The Dark Star Piano Sheet Music

Title: Secret of Mana The Dark Star Piano Sheet Music

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The Secret of Mana was released in 1993 by Square Enix. It is the fourth main installment in the series that had previously included Final Fantasy Adventure on Game Boy. Secret of Mana was originally meant to be an action based game, but at some point in time the ropes became a focus for Secret of Mana. Secret of Mana centers around a boy and girl who have been given the task of saving their world from a dark knight known as Thanatos. The sword in Secret of Mana is known as the “Sword of Mana”, however Secret of Mana is not part of the storyline of Secret of Mana. Secret of Mana revolves around its two main characters, an unnamed boy and girl who are magically transported to a world known as “Mana”. Unfortunately for them, their adventure starts with no explanation on how they got their or how to get home. Their only clue is a talking sword who calls himself Randi and tells the two to find his master.

The Secret of Mana is also known for having extremely difficult battles. If you go into Secret of Mana expecting it to be an easy game, you will probably get your feelings hurt when the difficulty spikes up in later areas of Secret of Mana. Secret of Mana has become a sort of cult classic. Secret of Mana is very different from Secret of Mana as the Secret of Mana doesn’t really have a plot, whereas Secret of Mana has an actual plot with dialogue and cutscenes.

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