Psalm 138 – I Will Sing Praises To My God Piano Sheet Music

” Psalm 138 ” is written by the prophet David in the Old Testament of the Bible.

It is a Psalm which praises God and encourages people to worship Him continuously with Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs ( Colossians 3:16 ).

” I Will sing for joy in the Lord; I will sing praise to my God. Psalm 138:1 “

” Psalm 138 ” is a Psalm of David that outlines the great attributes of God that should motivate all men to sing praises unto Him continually with Psalms, hymons and spiritual songs ( Colossians 3:16 ).

The Psalmist goes on praising the Lord God Almighty, who alone is worthy of praises.

Who is like the Lord our God? He is strong, powerful and mighty ( Psalm 89:6 ).

The Psalmist talks about how they will praise the Lord forever because He has done great things for them. Psalm 138:4

Great is His name in all the earth! A Psalm of David Psalm 138:2

” Psalm 138 ” is a Psalm that praises God continually – Psalm 138:1-4 .

It is a Psalm that talks about how great the Lord our God is. Psalm 138 talks about how the Lord alone is worthy of praise, no one can compare with Him Psalm 138:6 .

The Psalm also talks about how the Psalmist will praise God forever Psalm 138:5-7 , which means that this Psalm will never end. Psalms are meant to be sung in eternity for all generations Psalm 71:18

. This Psalm is one of many Psalms ( Psalms 119 , Psalm 96 Psalm 145 ) that make up a group of Psalms called ” The Hallel Psalms “, which describes the characteristics of God and His works.

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