Pokemon – “Castelia City” Piano Sheet Music


” Pokemon – “Castelia City””  is the first Pokemon song I ever heard. It is a fast paced instrumental piece originally written for Pokemon Black and White, then later used in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

This song starts with an intro of piano playing notes from C-sharp to B-flat (C# to Bb) quickly, and then strings sound in after 3 notes are played. The ending of the intro is a trill that starts on D-flat, goes up to F-sharp (Dflat to F#), and back down to E-flat (Eb).

After this intro the music transitions into an intense section which consists mostly of triplets in the strings and very fast staccato (short notes that are quickly repeated) in the piano, with occasional pianissimo marcato (pushed up slightly louder than piano but softer than forte) chords. This section is fairly short, around 40 seconds long before going into another transition.

Now we enter a section that is slower and more melodic. This section is mainly played by the piano, with occasional interjections from some strings. The strings make sure to not play conflicting notes with the pianist during this part which helps keep it very relaxed and enjoyable to listen to. There are a few brief moments after 6 seconds where there’s a trill in the piano and in the strings, but then it quickly goes back to being relaxed. The melody is fairly simple, just alternating between two notes every time , C-D-C-Eb-Db.

After this section, there is a short transition into a much more intense part of the song. This part has a lot of triplets again, but there’s a little more variation in the melody this time around. The first is mostly alternating between C-Db and Db-D, with some pauses to other notes and chords in-between it. Around 20 seconds into this section a short piano trill occurs that goes from Gb to F, but then quickly plays back down to E-flat. The transition into this part sounds a lot more subtle though, since all of the intensity comes from the piano and it’s difficult to tell where one section ends and another begins. However, I believe that there is a segue between these two parts, so they don’t really sound too drastically different from each other.

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