Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Pursuit ~ Cornered Piano Sheet Music

In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Pursuit ~ Cornered, Phoenix Wright appears in a courtroom along with Lana Skye. He is prosecuting Miles Edgeworth for the murder of detective Bruce Goodman. In order to prove that Edgeworth didn’t commit the crime, Phoenix presents evidence and proves that other people could’ve committed the murder via other methods. Edgeworth is found not guilty and Phoenix then meets his childhood friend Larry Butz (who Phoenix had assumed was dead but later resurfaced as Phoenix’s junior assistant). Phoenix tells him that he’ll do some investigating to prove his innocence.

Searching for clues, Phoenix visits the crime scene at the Gatewater Hotel where Goodman was murdered and presents a “knife” to Butz, who confirms it as the murder weapon after Phoenix questions him about it. Phoenix later visits Adrian Andrews in order to question her about the case. Phoenix discovers that she had been at Gatewater Hotel prior to the time of the murder and he requests further information from her. She explains that she saw a suspicious man with a “long metallic object” in his hands coming out of the hotel before she heard Goodman’s voice from inside. Phoenix then discovers that there is only one possible suspect who could’ve murdered Goodman, but it turns out that this man was dead two years earlier. Phoenix pieces together the evidence he has collected and successfully presents an argument to Butz, who reveals the real killer. Phoenix, Butz and Edgeworth then team up in order to take down the true murderer.

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