Paper Mario: The Thousand – Petal Meadows Piano Sheet Music

The Paper Mario series of games has been around since 2000. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Petal Meadows, or Paper Mario TTYD as fans call it, is the third installment in the Paper Mario series and was released on September 14 th , 2004 for Nintendo’s Gamecube. Currently Paper Mario TTYD holds a 9.5/10 rating on Gamespot, 9.3/10 rating on IGN, and an overall 93% rating on Metacritic. Paper Mario TTYD was directed by Ryuta Kawashima and produced by Takehiro Izushi. The game’s scoring was headed up by Yuka Tsujiyoko who has also done the music for Super Smash Bros., Paper Mario, and Fire Emblem. Paper Mario TTYD was an instant hit upon release and is widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time by Paper Mario fans.

Paper Mario TTYD features several recurring characters from earlier Paper Mario games such as Bowser, Princess Peach, and Goombella. However there are also many new characters that Paper Mario TTYD introduces such as the Goomba’s evil counterparts, the Groove Guys and the Puni Elder. Paper Mario TTYD is also a celebrated game because it breaks from past Paper Mario games by allowing you to add partner characters to join in your battle party. Each partner character has their own special attack and unique abilities. Paper Mario TTYD also has a unique “Paper” theme that goes throughout the entire Paper Mario series of games, with Paper Toad houses and Paper Koopa Troopas.

                Paper Mario: The Thousand-Petal Meadows is a very diverse level when you look at it from a musical standpoint. In this article I will be going over Paper Mario TTYD’s varied use of piano in a few select areas. Paper Mario TTYD has a very unique way to approach its soundtrack, something that is made evident by the variations in Paper Mario TTYD’s many tracks. So let us begin with the first area of Paper Mario TTYD, Petal Meadows. Paper Mario TTYD makes you start your journey by fighting with Goombas in the grand open fields of Petal Meadows. Paper Mario TTYD starts this area off with an ominous tone that is built up by using many string instruments to create a sad, somber mood. The piano then comes in and is used as both the bass and the melody. Paper Mario TTYD uses multiple string instruments (violin, cello) together and is accompanied by a gentle and slow piano line to create this very unique tone in Paper Mario TTYD’s many songs. Paper Mario TTYD continues to use this menacing tone when it comes to Petal Meadows’ theme music. Paper Mario TTYD uses the piano very sparingly in Paper Mario TTYD’s Petal Meadows theme music. Paper Mario TTYD has a very unique tone to its Petal Meadows theme because it is ominous, menacing, and sad all at once.

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