National Anthem – Indonesia Raya National Anthem of Indonesia Piano Sheet Music

Indonesia Raya ( Indonesia  Great) is Indonesia ‘s national anthem. The song was introduced by its composer, Wage Rudolf Supratman, as the song of the Sumpah Pemuda during the Youth Pledge on 27 October 1928 in Batavia ( Jakarta ). Indonesia Raya was declared Indonesia’s national anthem by a law issued on 17 August 1950. Indonesia Raya was composed by Wage Rudolf Supratman, a young reporter at Batavia ‘s daily newspaper “Perserikatan”, and first performed on 12 November 1928 at the opening ceremony of the first Youth Congress in Batavia , commemorating the proclamation  of Indonesia’s independence by president Sukarno. Indonesia Raya, also known as Indonesia’s National Song and Indonesia’s National Anthem, is written in Indonesian. Indonesia Raya was originally intended to be the Javanese translation of a popular hymn at that time called the “Hymne an die Freude” (“Hymn to Joy”), written by Austrian poet and national anthem writer Friedrich von Schiller in 1785, a poem to which Indonesia Raya bears some resemblance. Indonesia Raya is played in flag raising ceremonies every morning at schools across Indonesia . The ceremony starts with the singing of Indonesia Raya as students stand facing the flagpole with their backs to the audience. Those present are expected to stand in silence and listen to Indonesia Raya being played. The flag is hoisted just after the beginning of Indonesia Raya, and is brought down again before the end. In this way, those present show their respect for Indonesia’s national anthem.

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