Metroid Prime- Crashed Frigate Piano Sheet Music

Metroid Prime- Crashed Frigate Piano Sheet Music

Metroid Prime: Crashed Frigate is a track composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano and performed by the Metroid Metal project. Metroid Metal (aka MetroidMusic) is an amatuer metal band featuring Metroid music. The MetroidMetal Youtube channel can be found [ HERE ]. This Metroid track is only one of Metroid Metal’s many Metroid tracks; Metroid Prime: Red Soil (Chozo Memories) and Metroid Prime: Tallon Overworld also performed by MetroidMetal are other Metroid tracks done by the Metroid Metal project.

Title: Metroid Prime- Crashed Frigate , can be stylized as such to avoid confusion for users searching Metroid Prime- Crashed Frigate .

Length: 2 minutes 15 seconds, in 3/4 time.

Genre(s): Metroid Metal , Metroid Prime soundtrack, video game music in general,

:ing MethodsTempo: 100 beats per minute (BPM).

Tone & Mood: Mysterious, somber, unsettling, tense, suspenseful.

Primary Instruments: Piano (P), bass (B) and drums (D). Metroid metal is a Metroid track with heavy metal flair, so the instrumentation here will be in the form of guitar riffs and solos; th Countis Metroid Metal track does not feature any electric guitar solos though. There is also opera-style vocalizing in Metroid Metal’s Metroid Prime- Crashed Frigate track.atures &

Instruments & Vocals: Piano (P), bass (B) and drums (D). Metroid Metal vocalizes through opera-style singing for this Metroid Prime- Crashed frigate rendition.

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