Lufia & The Fortress of Doom – Overworld Theme Piano Sheet Music

In Lufia & The Fortress of Doom, the protagonist Lufia and her friends set out to defeat the Sinistrals who have been causing trouble around the world. In order to stop them, Lufia must obtain four stone tablets from each of four elemental sages that are scattered about the world map. However, Lufia has a heart condition which causes her to faint in the presence of strong monsters. Lufia must overcome this obstacle as well as many others, from finding hidden passageways, to solving puzzles and defeating enemies for experience points.

In Lufia & The Fortress of Doom, Lufia is able to transform herself into a powerful red sorceress multiple times throughout the game by fusing her Lufia form with power-up items. Lufia’s abilities are largely magic-based, while other party members have different skills that allow them to defeat monsters more efficiently. Lufia is also able transform into a blue swan during the fourth and final Lufia transformation, which allows Lufia to use a special Lufia only attack.

In Lufia & The Fortress of Doom, Lufia can find and equip weapons and armor from enemies, treasure chests, shops, and as quest rewards. Lufia’s equipment power goes up as Lufia gains experience levels until Lufia is able to change into a sorceress from Lufia, with Lufia’s level resetting to 1. Lufia is able to equip three weapons and three pieces of armor at a time, which will allow Lufia to attack eight times when Lufia has four weapons in Lufia’s left hand slot and Lufia has four piece of armor in Lufia’s right hand slot. Lufia is able to equip three accessories, which include rings that increase Lufia’s stats and special boots that allow Lufia to dash across the world map faster than Lufia could by walking. Lufia can also find or buy maps which Lufia can use when Lufia is lost to Lufia’s Lufia map. Lufia can save up to Lufia’s Lufia’s item inventory so Lufia could sell Lufia’s items for more money or use Lufias where needed.

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