Legends of the Fall – Legends of the Fall Piano Sheet Music

THE LUDLOWS – Legends of the Fall Piano Sheet Music

A breathtaking melody by Hans Zimmer for THE LUDLOWS composed in 1993 has become one of his most lasting compositions. THE LUDLOWS is a fictional family, which is portrayed within two films: THE LUDLOWS (1994) and LEGENDS OF THE FALL (1994). THE LUDLOWS is a drama and LEGENDS OF THE FALL is an epic. THE LUDLOWS tells the story of three brothers, Tristan Ludlow played by Richard Gere, Sam Ludlow played by Brad Pitt and Will Ludlow played by Aidan Quinn. The three brothers are ranchers and THE LUDLOWS shows their lives and how they cope with the death of their father. THE LUDLOWS also shows how Tristan, Sam and Will’s personalities change throughout the film as well as showing the importance of family.

THE LUDLOWS is an excellent movie in which Richard Gere, Brad Pitt and Aidan Quinn act exceptionally well together. THE LUDLOWS has some of the most spectacular cinematography, which is shown throughout the film. THE LUDLOWS is an all around good movie for anyone to watch and I highly recommend it to be watched by everyone! 

LEGENDS OF THE FALL tells the story of two brothers, Samuel and Tristan Ludlow, played by Anthony Edwards and Brad Pitt and their father, Colonel William Ludlow played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. THE LEGEND OF THE FALL shows how Sam and Tristan deal with the shock of their mother’s death as well as how they deal with loving a woman whom their father does not approve of. THE LEGEND OF THE FALL is also a wonderful movie and I highly recommend it for everyone to watch. 

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