Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Lava Landing Piano Sheet Music

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a platformer video game released exclusively for the Wii in October 2010. Kirby is transformed into yarn by an evil sorcerer, but Kirby’s friend Prince Fluff manages to save him by breaking Kirby free from his yarn ball form. Kirby and Prince Fluff set out on an adventure together to recover seven pieces of magic yarn, Kirby’s equivalent of a life force, and defeat Yin-Yarn. Kirby must use his ability to absorb enemy abilities in order to solve puzzles and fight bosses along the way. A magical sock is given to Kirby by Prince Fluff that allows him to transform into many forms, such as a car, tank, or submarine. Kirby can also ride a motorcycle throughout the game. Kirby defeats Yin-Yarn, but Kirby and Prince Fluff are then sucked into another dimension. Kirby wakes up attached to a tree in Dream Land with his magical yarn ball nearby, staring at it forlornly as the game ends.

Lava Landing is an area in Kirby’s Epic Yarn . Kirby and Prince Fluff must go through Lava Landing in order to get to Hot Land. Kirby lands on a small island in the lava, where he finds an oven that turns him into a piece of yarn. Kirby lands on another island, which contains Prince Fluff’s sock, but gets too close to it and the heat causes Kirby’s yarn body to unravel. Kirby falls into the lava and must use Prince Fluff’s sock to turn himself into a parachute, which saves him from falling into the lava. Kirby falls onto another island with an oven that turns Kirby into yarn again. Kirby walks around the island until he reaches a line of coins that appear only when Kirby is in his normal form. Kirby walks across, grabs the sock, and continues on to Hot Land.

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