Kirby & the Amazing Mirror – Rainbow Route Piano Sheet Music

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror – Rainbow Route Piano Sheet Music

Kirby is heading along an underground passage when Kirby overhears a conversation between two Waddle Dees. One of them states that he has discovered a secret area, and Kirby decides to investigate. Kirby enters the next room where there are three doorways which all lead to different areas. Kirby enters the door on the right and continues down a long pathway to an underground lake, Kirby goes inside and reaches a key across the water. Kirby returns with the key which unlocks another door in one of the other rooms. Kirby goes through this new unlocked door and begins climbing up a ladder, at the top Kirby comes face-to-face with a mirror reflecting Kirby backwards and Kirby hears a voice say “Fight Kirby!” Kirby enters the next room and is immediately attacked by two giant wheels. Kirby jumps up into one of the air vents and floats over to the other wheel, which has not been activated yet, he attacks it with his hammer and destroys it. Kirby hits a switch in front of him and Kirby is transported to a room with a machine, Kirby uses the hammer to activate the machine which flips all three rooms upside down. Kirby goes through another door and climbs up a ladder leading to a large door. Kirby opens this final door and causes an explosion of light…

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