Kirby Super Star – Rest Point Piano Sheet Music

         Kirby Super Star is a Kirby game for the SNES, released in 1996. It has eight playable games that Kirby can start off from, four which are helper characters to Kirby’s main abilities. One of those helper characters is called Rick the Hamster, who resides at Castle Dedede and gives Kirby a ride throughout Dream Land on his motorcycle. Kirby can suck up Rick’s motorcycle and use it to get through difficult parts of the Kirby levels. This game has all types of music that’ll keep you interested in Kirby Super Star . You’ve got calm songs, happy songs, crazy songs, etc. This sheet music Kirby Super Star – Rest Point part is for the final level in Kirby Super Star , Kirby Super Star Ultra , and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land . If Kirby gets a full meter of helpers, he will transform into a big version of himself where he blows up his enemies with no effort.

The song Kirby Super Star – Rest Point is very calming and shows how far Kirby has come throughout the adventure. It starts off as Kirby is heading to Dark Nebula’s Castle, Kirby Super Star ‘s final level. Kirby defeats all of his foes with ease, pulls off the road and heads toward the castle. Kirby must travel through a dark tunnel where he can’t see anything because it’s so dark. Kirby does not know what lies ahead in this cave; will Kirby be okay? Kirby passes through the dark tunnel and enters Castle Dedede. Kirby encounters all the past bosses he ran into during Kirby Super Star . Kirby makes his way to Dark Nebula, defeats him by throwing meteors back at Dark Nebula, and saves Dream Land from evil once again! The song ends as Kirby rides off on his motorcycle with Rick.

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