Kirby Super Star – Peanut Plain Piano Sheet Music

Peanut Plain is an action-packed Kirby game for the SNES where Kirby must save Pop Star from destruction.  Seems familiar, right?  Well, Kirby is no stranger to saving the day and there are countless Kirby games out there fans can play.  However, Kirby Super Star gave Kirby his most dynamic adventure of them all.

Kirby Super Star was Kirby’s ninth game and it saw Kirby in a new light with enhanced abilities and new enemies to defeat.  There were 8 games within Kirby Super Star, which gave Kirby fans their money’s worth for sure!  For Kirby Super Star , Kirby is not alone on his adventure. Kirby is joined by his best friend, Rick the Hamster who can use Kirby’s stomach as a platform to get Kirby to places Kirby cannot reach on his own. Kirby also has another best friend named Coo the Owl who can fly Kirby from place to place and fly him through levels Kirby cannot access alone.  Can you tell Kirby is loved? Kirby Super Star is Kirby’s best game yet.  However, Kirby fans are Kirby fans. They will continue to spend money on Kirby games with its fantastic 2D platforming mechanics and Kirby’s ability to inhale his enemies, absorbing their abilities.

Errors in Peanut Plain  Piano Sheet Music

Kirby Super Star is Kirby’s best game yet, but there are errors within Kirby Super Star .  One of the most noticeable mistakes in Kirby Super Star is Kirby’s ability to slide. Kirby slides when he falls from a higher distance than expected. Unfortunately, this was not corrected for Kirby’s remake on the Nintendo 3DS so Kirby fans everywhere were delighted.

Kirby fans everywhere were heartbroken when Kirby could not slide in Kirby 64 , Kirby’s first 3D platforming game for the Nintendo 64. Kirby Super Star was created before Kirby 64 so it’s understandable why Kirby can slide in Kirby Super Star .  However, Kirby Super Star is no excuse to leave the slide mechanic into Kirby’s remake. We Kirby fans want Kirby to slide in Kirby 64 ! Kirby 64 was a bad excuse to take the sliding mechanic out of Kirby.

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