Kirby Super Star – King Dedede’s Theme Piano Sheet Music

King Dedede’s Theme is a Kirby game song composed by Jun Ishikawa. It is often shorted to KDEDE, the first three letters of each word in the title. This song makes it appearance on Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra for Nintendo DS. A star will fall down from the sky and Kirby would wish upon it. Kirby would transform to a comet and crash land on a planet where Kirby meets King Dedede. Kirby makes a promise with the king that he will recover all of his treasure from Nightmare’s castle, but Kirby is only interested in the Star Rod. Kirby encounters Meta Knight again, but fails to stop him from taking off into space days after Kirby recovers all of the treasure for King Dedede. Kirby is not fast enough to catch up, but Kirby wishes upon a star again to fly after Meta Knight in his comet form. Kirby catches up with Meta Knight and both are ensnared by an unknown force. They are both imprisoned in crystal spheres as they are always destined to fight each other. Kirby defeats Meta Knight and both Kirby and Meta Knight are released from the force’s grip. Kirby is surprised to see King Dedede on a nearby planet as he exits out of the mysterious force’s hands. Kirby has a look of surprise as King Dedede claims that Kirby had stolen all of his treasure back in Nightmare’s castle, but Kirby had only taken the Star Rod as Kirby needed it to defeat Nightmare. Kirby and King Dedede fight as Kirby was forced into a fit of rage from being called a thief by King Dedede. Kirby defeats King Dedede, who then claims that Kirby is just as bad as he is before flying off in his own starship.

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