Kirby: Squeak Squad – Prism Plains Piano Sheet Music

Not every Kirby game gets a OST release, but Kirby: Squeak Squad did get one. I never bought Kirby: Squeak Squad’s OST . It is not available on the iTunes Store or on Although it is availavle for purchase from the composer’s website, the asking price of nearly $20 for the Kirby: Squeak Squad OST is beyond my budget. I can’t vouch for this site, but you may be able to download Kirby: Squeak Squad’s OST free of charge from this site .

Since Kirby: Squeak Squad’s soundtrack was difficult to obtain, Kirby hits MIDI , a website hosting thousands upon thousands of free MIDI files, has Kirby: Squeak Squad sheet music. Kirby hits MIDI offers only the best in Kirby sheet music worth downloading. If you are looking for Kirby sheet music not featured on Kirby hits MIDI , please leave a comment down below with links to where you found it. That way I can include it on Kirby hits MIDI . Kirby sheet music is a great way to practice your piano skills, and Kirby: Squeak Squad’s soundtrack would put anyone’s skills to the test. Kirby: Squeak Squad features Kirby’s signature melodies in a musical form that can be enjoyed even when you aren’t playing Kirby: Squeak Squad .

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