Kirby: Canvas Curse – Drawcia Sorceress Piano Sheet Music

Do you remember Kirby: Canvas Curse? It was originally a Nintendo DS game, and it came out in 2005. This Kirby game is unlike other Kirby games, as the main character Kirby cannot move without Kirby’s magical paintbrush, or a power-up that can be found throughout each level. While Kirby can no longer inhale his enemies to gain their abilities, Kirby can collect stars to upgrade Kirby’s paintbrush. Kirby must draw paths in order for Kirby to get Kirby through the level safely.

            Drawcia Sorceress is the final boss of Kirby: Canvas Curse , and this song played during her battle with Kirby. The player has approximately 3 minutes to defeat Drawcia or else Kirby loses a life. Kirby needs to hit Drawcia with Kirby’s paintbrush as many times as possible, and Kirby needs to avoid the spells that Drawcia shoots at Kirby.

            The song itself starts off slow, but gradually speeds up as Kirby gets further into defeating Drawcia. This is an enjoyable song to play on piano because of Kirby’s magical paintbrush (one Kirby can draw paths with).

            The game Kirby: Canvas Curse is available for Nintendo DS, and Kirby: Canvas Curse has also been remade for Wii U. Kirby: Canvas Curse is not an expensive game to purchase, and Kirby: Canvas Curse is a great game to play whether Kirby is a Kirby fan or not.

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