Harvest Moon 64 – Fall Piano Sheet Music

Harvest Moon 64 ( Harvest Moon Dōbutsu no Mori ) is a video game developed by Victor Interactive Software . Harvest Moon 64 was released on November 27, 1999 in Japan by Victor Interactive Software , on February 19, 2000 in North America by Natsume Inc. , and on October 14, 2000 in Europe by Rising Star Games for the Nintendo 64 . Harvest Moon 64 is the first Harvest Moon game on home consoles and is also one of two Harvest Moon games for Nintendo 64 , the other being Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life ( Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life in PAL regions).

The game was released to English-speaking audiences under the title Harvest Moon 64. It became a critical and financial success. Harvest Moon 64 was also the first installment of Harvest Moon released outside Japan, and many installments have been directly or indirectly influenced by this game.

Harvest Moon 64 is a farming/dating sim . The player takes control of a character , take on the role as a farmer whose main goal is to revive an old farm and eventually marry one of the girls. Harvest Moon 64 is a single-player video game played from a third-person perspective . In Harvest Moon 64, the player begins the game as a young boy (default name “Will”) who lives in a small house on his late grandfather ‘s farm . After discovering some old items in a box in the basement , the player is prompted to explore the farm and gather every item possible. Harvest Moon 64 has seven available bachelorettes for marriage, each with a unique personality . Once married, players may raise three separate children who will help around the farm as they grow up. Harvest Moon 64 also includes many festivals that offer prizes depending on how well one does in them. Harvest Moon 64 has been criticized for its tedious nature and lack of excitement compared to most Harvest Moon games .

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