Grade 4 – Song of India Piano Sheet Music

A Grade 4 piano piece, Song of India is considered to be a rather light-hearted composition. It was written by the French composer, Édouard Lalo. This particular piece has been arranged by August Durand.

The first section is very quick and lively while the next section constitutes of an entire melody line which is slightly slower in tempo. The final section is a repeat of the first one.

As a Grade 4 piano piece, Song of India does not pose any challenges for Grade 4 students who have been learning their Piano pieces since Grade 1. The notes used in this song are mainly black keys and as such, it might be difficult to read at times for those who are not very familiar with reading black key notation.

While it is an intermediate Grade 4 piano piece, this song can be played by Grade 3 students who are confident with their note recognition and sight-reading skills.

The entire Song of India can be reduced to a simple phrase consisting of five notes which constitutes the first section of the song. It is very easy to learn and play.

This Grade 4 piano piece can be included in Grade 4 young student recitals, Grade 4 school concerts as well as Grade 4 Conservatory entrance auditions.

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