Grade 4 – On the Beautiful Blue Danube Piano Sheet Music

    Grade 4 – On the Beautiful Blue Danube Piano Sheet Music

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The “Blue Danube” is a waltz by composer Johann Strauss II , with lyrics written by Joseph Weyl . It was first performed in February 1867, and became one of the most frequently played, translated, pirated and quoted compositions in the classical music canon.

The original German lyrics begin with a description of the river Danube (Donau), along which trade barges (Kähne) travel . It continues to say that wh ere , upon its banks, you sit in your “Kahn” or boat, you feel happy and at peace. The middle section celebrates dancing to the music of the “Wiener Blut” (Vienna Blood). The solo vocalist sings about a visit to the Prater in spring where chestnut trees are in bloom. Finally , the first part is repeated .

The English lyrics by Tom Clare refer elliptically to the first, river section of the piece. Their main theme is that it’s good to forget your troubles when you’re on the beautiful blue Danube .

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