Grade 4 – Ecossaises Piano Sheet Music

Grade 4 – Ecossaises Piano Sheet Music

Ecossaise is a type of dance in triple meter, with two beats to a bar. It originated in France and was very popular during the 18th century. The Grade 4 piano sheet music consists of 6 pieces; they are variations that take slight melodies from other composers.

The Grade 4 Piano Sheet Music starts with the actual Grade 4 – Ecossaises. It is written in C minor, and has 32 bars. The rhythm is 3/4 time which consists of two or three quarter notes per measure.

The second Grade 4 – Ecossaise (in D major) only has 16 bars instead of 32 like the Grade 4 – Ecossaises. The rhythm also changes to 3/2 time which consists of three quarter notes per measure.

The Grade 4 – Ecosaise in C major has 32 bars but it is in 6/8 time instead of the original 3/4 that the other Grade 4 – Ecossaises were written in. The rhythm consists of two dotted quarter notes per measure.

The Grade 4 – Ecossaise in E major has 32 bars and no time signature. Instead of notes, rests of different times are used (ex: half note rest) to denote the beat and there is a new tempo for this piece which is ♩ = 60.

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