Grade 3 – On the Meadow Piano Sheet Music

On the Meadow is a Grade 3 piano piece composed by Paul Jennings.

On the Meadow was published in October 1999 as part of a collection of Grade 3 piano pieces called The Many Moods of Mary Poppins. It was first performed during the Grade 5 book launch at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on March 26, 2000.

In 2011 On the Meadow was published in Grade 3 – The Mary Poppins Collection.

On the Meadow is just under 2 minutes long and at a Grade 3 playing level. On the Meadow is in the key of G major and contains no accidentals.

The piece opens with an introduction using dominant sevenths for each hand. This opening lasts about 20 seconds before transitioning into half note chords in both hands. This opening chord progression is repeated twice before the music transitions to quarter note triplets in both hands. The piece then modulates (transitions) to A minor for 20 seconds before returning to G major and the original chord progression which is played in three quarter time rather than two half notes per hand. This is repeated once before going back to the A minor section in half time. This section has a strong accent on the first beat and is in a 2/4 time signature rather than 3/4 for the rest of the piece. After this 24 bar section it goes back to G major and uses two quarter note octaves per hand to transition from the A section, played in half time. The G major section is repeated once before the final transition back to the original chord progression at twice the speed for 4 bars. This piece ends with a low sustained note on each hand.

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