Grade 3 – Barcarolle Piano Sheet Music

Barcarolle is a French word for gondola song. It was first used as a title by Jules Massenet for his 1882 piano piece, which became one of his most famous compositions. Since then, the word has been used to refer to various other works, including Hugo Wolf’s Italian Serenade and Benjamin Britten’s Simple Symphony. Grade 3 – Barcarolle Piano Sheet Music is for grades Grade 3 or Grade 4 level pianists.

Enjoy Grade 3 – Barcarolle Piano Sheet Music!

Grade Level: Grade 3 Genre: Barcarolle Composer/Arranger: Grade Grade 3 – Barcarolle Piano Sheet Music Composers: Grade Grade 3 – Barcarolle Piano Sheet Music Grade Grade 3 – Barcarolle Piano Sheet Music Arranger(s): Grade Grade 3 – Barcarolle Piano Sheet Music

Tense/Mood: Moderate; peaceful; yearning Key Signature: F Major Meter/Duration: 4/4 time; 2 min. 1 sec. Key Notes: F, G, B flat, C Natural Additional Key Notes: D Flat Major Triad/Chord Tones: F – A flat – Bb – C

Scale Degrees in Key Signature : I – III – IV – V7

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