Grade 2 – The Voice of the Heart Piano Sheet Music

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Children learn best through hands-on activities. Providing your child with piano sheet music that is appropriate to their level will help them improve their musical abilities and teach them how to read music notation.

Piano Sheet Music for Children

Many people believe that learning how to play piano is a very complicated and difficult task. However, this is not true! Piano sheet music can be tailored for all different levels of ability so it’s easy to find music the whole family will enjoy playing together.

What Grade Level is Appropriate?

It’s important to remember that there isn’t necessarily one correct answer, as there are different “levels of difficulty” within each Grade level. For example, Grade 1a is the first song from Grade 1 and Grade 3b is the fourth piece from Grade 3. In either case, it’s likely that a beginner student would find Grade 1 material to be easier than grade 3, as they have not yet built up their finger strength, dexterity, and knowledge of the keyboard.

Most Grade 1 material is for beginners between the ages of 5 to 7 years old. Grade 2 material is generally appropriate for beginners aged 8 to 9. Grade 3 students are typically around 10-11 years old. Grade 4 piano sheet music should be saved for children 11+, while Grade 5 students are usually teenage beginners. Grade 6 and Grade 7 piano music is for young adults with a solid grasp of the keyboard, Grade 8 pieces are more suited to those with a higher level of understanding, while Grade 9 and Grade 10 is meant for exceptional pianists.

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