Grade 2 – In The Gloaming Piano Sheet Music

            Grade 2 – In The Gloaming Piano Sheet Music

In the gloaming,

by Thomas Moore (1779-1852)

IN the gloaming, when the fire is burning low, And you hear the crickets cry and the clock tick in the hall; When your work is done and all things right and tight, And you brood and candle out and think of the story-book; When your little ones are nestled all snug in their beds, Each one like a rosy bud ready to burst into bloom; Then come sit by my side and hear what I relate Of some that were old when the world was new. When the first bloom opened, and the first bird trilled, When the dew rose in the morning and sank at nightfall still; When God was a joy that no man understood, And Heaven had not been opened to Adam’s fallen race: Then ’twas Manoah’s daughter with her rosy mouth So fresh and so pure, so forgiving and nice, Went walking in the garden of asphodel, And gathered some pomegranate blooms to make a savoury.

Then one day ’twas Eve, not gentle and meek Like her sister before, but alluring and deep; The first that came into the cursed bleak world That made it a vale of tears and a dwelling of scowls, That led it with hope and saw it bleed at every pore, And now lives to weep with those that have sorrowed before.

Then Adam comes, so stately and tall and great, His eyes as the love-light shone from the stars of the night; To Eve he came walking in the evening shade, And leaned down and kissed her face in the world of light. Their child was Cain, with his forehead so high and white, His mouth as red as the rose-bud lying on its stalk; But withal he had no more peace within his breast Than if God had not given him a place to rest.

With love that came from out of the light above Came Abel, as fair as a lily upon the stalk; And he brought his lamb, and it was a spotless thing None could gainsay or speak a word against its merit. But Cain saw it with hate in his heart to see Such a goodly youth gain all men’s favour thus, So he killed the lamb, and his brother had to die, And a curse came o’er him where he stood in the gloaming.

Then Lamech came with his big wife Adah old; They were Indian people who had travelled far, To live on a spot by the forest’s edge Where wild beasts roved at night and whispered in the thicket. They’d seen many sorrows, in days that were long gone, And in seasons of peace in the world before the Flood; But in two lives together there was no discord known Till sons had been born them with necks ‘neath a galling yoke.

One night Adah thought she heard something stir Within the room where the boys were so sweet and young, And she feared her husband had come to seek his life From a son he never knew was born unto their strife. So with drawing sword from its sheath by her bed, She shouted loud in the room of the dead– “You’d better be quiet, my children,” said she; “I am near with my knife, and you’ll live to see me.

“If it be a thief that is entering here To steal from us in the dead of the night, He will leave us all our blessing–our hearts’ desire– If he leaves us alone till the morning light.”

And they stood in the opening there in her room And looked on the woman who was old and worn; They saw that her fingers were crimson with blood, And they knew that she spoke of their father’s son. Then they both rushed forward to where she stood, One with his sword unsheathed, one with an axe; But the blades clashed within the house of Lamech first, And there in the gloaming they slew him in his wrath.

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