Goldeneye 007 – Arkangelsk Dam Piano Sheet Music

The Goldeneye 007 – Arkangelsk Dam was the second mission Goldfinger played in the movie Goldeneye. Played by Tina Turner, Goldfinger’s voice over begins with him saying “Arkangelsk”, as he stands before a map which displays his plan of action and intentions for this particular attack.

There are two parts to Goldfinger’s plan which are shown in two different scenes:

In the first Goldfinger scene, Goldfinger shows a map of Russia and its neighboring countries. After he explains his plan to attack Goldeneye 007, Goldfinger begins to fly an airplane over the Black Sea. He passes over Istanbul and enters Russian airspace, but is halted by Goldeneye’s defense system. Goldfinger then continues to pass over Russia until he finally discovers an unguarded dam.

In the second Goldfinger scene, Goldfinger explains his plan of attacking Goldeneye 007 again, this time in more detail – “I will attack from within. My daring raid on Arkangelsk was merely to test your security. Now that I know exactly how tight it is, there is no obstacle I can’t overcome, Goldeneye.” Goldfinger then enters a room where he begins playing the piano while revealing his plan for Goldeneye 007. Goldfinger explains how he will use an atomic device to destroy Goldeneye 007 along with the dam. Goldfinger then reveals that Goldeneye 007 will be destroyed in 11 hours and 57 minutes. Goldfinger also explains where he will plant the atomic device to destroy Goldeneye 007, saying that it’s “hidden in this very piano.”

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