Golden Sun – Venus Lighthouse Piano Sheet Music

Golden Sun is a role-playing video game released on August 11, 2001, in Japan and later in North America and Europe. Golden Sun: The Lost Age (originally titled Golden Sun 2), the second installment of the Golden Sun series for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, was also released by Camelot Software Planning for Nintendo in 2002. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the third installment of Golden Sun series for Nintendo’s Wii home console, was released in 2010.

The Golden Sun games take place in the fictional world of Weyard. It features a mix of science fiction and fantasy elements where civilization coexists with elemental-based magic powers. The Golden Sun games are set out in one of the Golden Worlds (a parallel dimension of the Golden Sun Universe, or GSU) called Weyard. The world of Weyard is a flat and vaguely circular plane whose oceans perpetually spill off the edge of the world’s entire perimeter into what seems to be an endless abyss. An immense tower covered in enigmatic symbols known as Sol Sanctum exists on the center of the world, said to be the resting place of the Golden Sun, a powerful source of Alchemy. The Golden Sun has been described as “a power that lay dormant and was only rumoured to exist in this world”.

The Golden Sun series consists of: Golden Sun (2001), Golden Sun: The Lost Age (2002), Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (2010). Golden Sun is the first game in the Golden Sun series, Golden Sun: The Lost Age being the second, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn being the third. Golden Suns are used to power up different elements of life. Elemental Lighthouses serve as huge Golden Suns by empowering different elements of life.

Golden Sun follows the journey of four Adepts as they collect elemental magic and use it to protect the world from a group of antagonists. Golden Sun: The Lost Age follows Golden Sun’s protagonist, Isaac, as he recruits new allies and brings his party across Weyard in search of his missing brother and his own parents. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is set 30 years after Golden Sun and follows the tale of Matthew, Karis and Tyrell as they explore Weyard. Golden Lighthouses are part of Golden Sun’s graphics engine used to provide character animation. Golden Suns can be found in Golden Lighthouses, powering up all elements of life.

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