Francis Havergal – Take My Life and Let It Be Piano Sheet Music

Once there lived a Francis Havergal that loved music. Francis was a good kid and he had strong morals. He always did his chores, Francis would attend church on Sundays, and Francis would read the King James Bible to learn about God’s commands from God himself. Francis also knew right from wrong so if Francis saw someone being mean to someone else Francis would stop and tell them to be nice and Francis would pray for that person. Francis really loved God and Francis tried his best to always listen to God’s lessons from the Holy Bible so he could do what was right. Francis also played piano which was Francis’ favorite thing to do on a Saturday night because it was fun and made him feel good on the inside. Francis would play the piano all night long while Francis’ family went to sleep. Francis would then go to sleep himself but not before praying to God and thanking him for his love, mercy, and grace upon Francis’ life every day of Francis’ life so far on this beautiful blue marble of ours called earth.

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