Final Fantasy VII – Full-Scale Attack Piano Sheet Music

Final Fantasy VII was one of the first Final Fantasy’s I ever played, and it still remains my favorite Final Fantasy. For me, the Final Fantasy series as a whole has always been something much more than just video games; it is an escape from reality. When I am playing most Final Fantasy titles, they are not just games to play for fun, but they are an experience to be cherished. Final Fantasy VII is the first Final Fantasy I ever played, and it will always have a special place in my heart as one of the games that got me interested in playing Final Fantasy titles again after not playing them for over 13 years.

Final Fantasy VII has always had a very special place in my heart.

Final Fantasy VII tells the story of Cloud Strife, a former member of an elite military force known as SOLDIER, and his fight to stop the villain Sephiroth from using a dangerous piece of technology known as the Materia to take control of the Planet and essentially destroy it. Final Fantasy VII is one Final Fantasy that does not shy away from death and other dark elements, which is one of the things that separates Final Fantasy VII from every Final Fantasy before it.

As stated above, Final Fantasy VII tells a tale filled with both darkness and light elements. However, Final Fantasy VII is not just about Cloud Strife saving the Planet; Final Fantasy VII also has many humorous elements as well. Final Fantasy VII is without a doubt one of the funniest Final Fantasy games out there, and Final Fantasy VII has some of the best characters in any Final Fantasy title to this day.

While Final Fantasy VII does have comedic elements, it also tells a touching story about love and friendship. Final Fantasy VII has several different forms of love, including friendship, familial love, and romantic love. Final Fantasy VII has a great cast of characters that all have their own distinct personalities. Final Fantasy VII even touches on the love you can feel for an adopted family as well: which is exactly what Cloud finds in AVALANCHE during Final Fantasy VII .

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