F-Zero GX – Planet Colors (Green Plant) Piano Sheet Music

A piano sheet music album of F-Zero GX , composed by Taro Bando, is soon to be released in Japan [ F-ZERO GX: FUTURE BLUE ] and in Taiwan [ F-ZERO GX: PLANET COLORS ]. This piece of sheet music is only for the BGM titled ‘Planet Colors’, the 4th track of F-Zero GX’s OST.

This album comes with F-Zero GX’s official guide book ‘ FUTURE BLUE ‘. F-Zero fans can now enjoy playing this piece on their piano, or keyboard.

‘Planet Colors’ is an uplifting song that makes you feel like flying. F-Zero fans, what do you think?

Track List: 01. F-ZERO GRAND PRIX ~ [ F-ZERO GX: FUTURE BLUE ] 02. Planet Colors 03. F-ZERO Legend ~ Born to Win 04. Gravity 05. Redshift 06. Ordeal 07. Glacial 08. Phobia 09. F-ZERO ~ F-ZERO GX 10. FASTest in the F-WORLD 11. F-ZERO X ~Transcendence~ 12. FUEL 13. ファンファーレ 14. SPADE 15. Diago 16. GRAPE 17. GAMMA 18. F-ZERO GX

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