Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Piano Sheet Music

This Eric Clapton song with the catchy opening piano notes is a perfect piece for an intermediate-level piano player. The repeating chords in the left hand make it easy to play and each chord change gives your hands and mind a moment to settle before moving on.

“Wonderful Tonight” is from Eric Clapton’s 1977 album Slowhand. Clapton wrote the song for Pattie Boyd, his wife at the time and George Harrison’s ex-wife, who he had been having an affair with. Eric stated that he was “so in love” when he wrote it.

The first chord introduced is a C major seventh, but Eric never uses this chord in its full form. Instead, he uses it as a passing chord to move up to the next chord in the left hand of an A seventh. Eric then alternates between these two chords for most of the song before finally resolving with a G major at the end.

The right hand only plays three notes throughout the song but Eric makes sure that they are clear and correctly played. Eric starts with an F natural on the eighth note of each beat followed by a D sharp, which is allowed to ring out until Eric plays a similar pattern for the next two beats, moving up to an E in the second half of each bar.

Aside from the left hand chords there are only three other places where Eric changes the notes in his right hand part. Eric then repeats this pattern for two bars before moving to an E flat on two of the left-hand beats, allowing Eric’s fingers to curl around his right thumb. Eric then ends the song by hitting a D sharp on the eighth note followed by an F natural and closing with a C chord before repeating the song’s opening two notes.

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