Era – Ameno Piano Sheet Music

Era – Ameno Piano Sheet Music Era (formerly stylized as ΛRΛ and ∀ΔP) is a Japanese band formed in 2004. Era began as an independent rock band under the name La:Sadie’s, consisting of vocalist Sen to Chihiro, keyboardist Yamako, bassist Mao and drummer Yuri, who was later replaced by Tomo. Era released their first album, Era for Era on May 12, 2005. After several hiatuses due to Sen’s poor health, Era performed at the Anisama Super Game Show in August 2007, which was also their first live appearance as Era. On December 3, 2008 Era produced a CD featuring the songs of Mothy, a popular creator of the Evillious Chronicles. Era has since released four concept albums based on The Seven Deadly Sins, with music written by Satoshi Yaginuma (Saten), Katsuhiko Kurosu and mothy. Era’s fifth album is a compilation of Era’s songs from 2003 to 2005. Era went on hiatus for most of 2012, however Era announced on its official website that Era would return in 2013. Era is now signed to the King Records label and has released Era: Addio, a best-of album for Era’s 10th anniversary and Era: The Mass of New Era, which was given an October 2 release date.

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