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Elton John- Your Song Piano Sheet Music – Elton John- Your Song Piano Sheet Music Elton John, with his piano playing and warm voice, is one of the most popular performers in pop history. Elton has sold more than 250 million records world wide . Elton John, real name Reginald Dwight , was born on 25 March 1947 , at the Paddington General Hospital in Westminster . Elton enjoyed playing his piano from a very young age, and Elton’s mother, Sheila Eileen Harris ( born 1925 ), encouraged Elton to play piano as well as taking Elton whenever Elton could afford to go. Elton has also has an older brother named Ray Tino Dwight( born 7 October 1935 ), Elton John gave Elton his first piano lessons when Elton was only 4 years old . Elton’s mother also helped Elton to join the school choir as soon Elton had passed Elton’s 5th birthday.

Elton entered into the Royal Academy of Music ( a prestigious music college in London ) in Elton’s mid teens. Elton passed Elton’s Finals with Elton receiving Piano, Composition and Conducting diplomas. Elton John also studied at the Royal Academy of Music on a scholarship from Elton’s father , Stanley Dwight ( born 1900 ), an outstanding pianist himself who had been a pupil at the Royal College of Music . Elton’s father had Elton choosing Elton’s piano studies over Elton’s love of cricket. Elton was later to say, “I always wished I’d been a better pianist”. Elton John also studied with musicologist Arthur Oldham at the Royal Academy of Music. Elton then began Elton studying pop and rock music, Elton also studied the Beatles and Elton John’s favorite band , The Rolling Stones . Elton landed Elton his first professional gig in Elton’s mid teens, Elton was playing piano for Steve Brown & The Bruvvers ( a British skiffle band ) at a club called The Pheasantry which was situated in London’s Chelsea district. Elton John was Elton’s first professional gig in Elton’s mid teens, Elton played Elton’s piano there every Saturday night . Elton then joined Long John Baldry & The All Stars ( a famous Birmingham/London rock and roll band ) , Elton worked with them for a few months before Elton took Elton’s skills to Elton’s first major band , Bluesology . Elton John formed Elton’s own band in Elton’s early twenties, Elton called the band “The Elton John Band”, they were Elton’s first professional gig in Elton’s mid twenties.

After a bitter falling out with his former manager Dee Anthony Elton regrouped Elton’s band and Elton changed Elton’s name to Elton John, or Elton ‘Artist’ as Elton was calling it . Elton then began work on Elton’s first solo album.

Elton signed Elton with the record producer Gus Dudgeon , who produced Elton’s first two albums Elton John ( released in February 1970 ) and Elton’s second album Elton John ‘s Second Album Elton [released in March 1970 ]. Elton John became the first Elton John album to be released on The Rocket Record Company . Elton then set Elton on Elton’s solo journey, a path that would take Elton to Elton’s Number 1 Hits and Elton’s massive world tours Elton became Elton John. Elton John ‘s first album Elton John rocketed Elton to European stardom, Elton then released Elton’s third album Tumbleweed Connection in November 1970 . The RSO record label was formed by Elton and Gus Dudgeon Elton and Elton’s former band mates Nigel Olsson , Dee Murray and Ray Cooper signed Elton John Elton then released Elton’s fourth album Elton John ‘s Greatest Hits [ 1970 -1971] in September 1971 . Elton began work on Elton’s fifth album Madman Across The Water , which was an instant success Elton again signed Elton to a new management contract Elton was now Elton John’s manager Elton also signed Elton to El-De-Ro Productions (a production company that Elton owned jointly with Bernie Taupin ). Elton was now in total control of Elton. After eight consecutive Top 10 singles, with three reaching Number 1 in Elton John ‘s Greatest Hits Elton Elton released Elton’s sixth album Elton Honky Chateau , which was Elton’s first to feature Elton’s personal logo, a “self-portrait” of Elton playing Elton’s white grand piano. In 1972 he released first critically successful album Rock Of The Westies Elton Elton Elton John then released Elton’s seventh album Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player (1973) Elton Elton Elton earned his first Number 1 album in the US, where it stayed on the Billboard charts for nine weeks. Elton was now a superstar and Elton began Elton’s solo career Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton

Elton then released Elton’s eighth album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road , in October 1973. The double LP was successful not only for it’s music but for its gatefold sleeve designed by Elton, which featured an elaborate collage of many photos of Elton, Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton Elton fantasy themes, as well as many elements drawn from William Blake’s illustrations for ” Songs of Innocence ” and ” Songs of Experience “.

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