EarthBound – Pokey Means Business! Piano Sheet Music

EarthBound (known as Mother 2 in Japan) is an RPG for the SNES, developed by Ape and HAL, directed by Shigesato Itoi, and produced by Satoru Iwata. Earthbound tells the story of Ness, a young boy who must save Earth from Giygas, an evil alien life form bent on destroying Earth. Earthbound is a cult classic, and has a sequel titled EarthBound, USA.

Pokey Minch is one of the antagonists in EarthBound. He is Ness’s neighbor and best friend to Picky Minch. After Pokey tricks Ness into giving him the Mani Mani statue (which possesses its holders mind) he turns into a megalomaniac and terrorizes Earth. Giygas, the main antagonist of EarthBound, is being led by Pokey.

Pokey Means Business! is a song from Earthbound about how much of a jerk Pokey can be. In EarthBound this song plays in New Age Retro Hippie and plays in the background of many areas after Pokey gets a hold of the Mani Mani statue. EarthBound – Pokey Means Business! Piano Sheet Music

The Earthbound – Pokey Means Business! piano sheet is perfect for EarthBound fans, pianists, or just general video game piano enthusiasts. EarthBound – Pokey Means Business! Piano Sheet Music

This song is an arrangement of EarthBound’s “Pokey Means Business!” From the Earthbound soundtrack. EarthBound – Pokey Means Business! Piano Sheet Music

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