EarthBound Beginnings – Hippie Battle Piano Sheet Music

     EarthBound Beginnings is the one EarthBound game that has never been released in America. EarthBound Beginnings contains several references to EarthBound, including a brief cameo by Pokey Minch at the end of EarthBound Beginnings .                 EarthBound Beginnings was actually developed before EarthBound , but Nintendo didn’t feel it would sell well, so EarthBound was released first.         EarthBound Beginnings is not a sequel or prequel to EarthBound . EarthBound Beginnings takes place in the year 199X, EarthBound takes place in 199X as well, but EarthBound takes place in an alternate timeline from EarthBound Beginnings where Giygas has been defeated and Porky now rules Earth.

         EarthBound Beginnings was released on the NES in 1989, even though EarthBound didn’t come out until over a decade later. EarthBound Beginnings features characters of different colors because of new color palette capabilities with the release of new systems like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy. EarthBound Beginnings takes place around the same time EarthBound does: 199X. EarthBound Beginnings is the only EarthBound game in which Ness and Porky never meet. EarthBound Beginnings was released for Wii U Virtual Console on July 18, 2013.

         EarthBound Beginnings begins when Ninten receives a telepathic message from Ana that asks for help defeating Giygas. EarthBound Beginnings takes place on Earth and features familiar Earth cities like Eagleland’s Fourside and Saturn Valley. EarthBound Beginnings has several returning characters from EarthBound including Ness, Porky Minch, Starman Jr., and New Age Retro Hippie. EarthBound Beginnings ‘s name in Japan is Mother , as a reference to EarthBound ‘s name in Japan, EarthBound . EarthBound Beginnings takes place around the same time EarthBound does: 199X. EarthBound Beginnings has an assortment of characters including Ninten, Ana, Lloyd, Teddy, and Loid. EarthBound Beginnings – Hippie Battle Piano Sheet Music

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