Doom – Sweet Little Dead Bunny Piano Sheet Music

Doom is a Doom metal band, originally from Massachusetts. They are one of the most popular Doom metal bands in Doom metal history. Doom’s specialties are tied into their eery guitar riffs, eerie vocals and lyrics dealing with the dark side of death.

Doom was formed in 1985 by guitarist Victor Griffin, bassist Tim Tomaselli and drummer Brett Makowski. Doom was originally a three piece Doom metal band, but later added guitarist Scott Barretta during the recording of their first studio album, Doom over Europe (1995).

Doom wrote songs such as “Death & Destiny”, “Under A Glass Moon” and “Forever My Queen”. Doom’s musical influences include Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Witchfinder General, Saint Vitus and Trouble. Doom’s lyrics are inspired by horror movies. Doom has cited Richard Matheson as one of their primary influences.

Doom has released five Doom metal studio albums: Doom over Europe (1995), Total Doom (1997) Curse and Chapter (2000) Key to Doom (2002) How Far to Asgaard (2003). Doom has also released two Doom metal live albums: Doom Live (2000) Doom Live in Europe (2006). Doom’s current Doom metal lineup consists of only Victor Griffin on guitars, Tim Tomaselli on bass and Vocals and Phil Klauser on Drums.

Doom is Doom metal’s best selling Doom metal band and has sold over 250,000 Doom metal albums worldwide. Doom has made numerous Doom metal music videos and has toured extensively throughout the world. Doom has played Doom metal shows with many popular Doom bands such as: Trouble, Candlemass and The Obsessed.

Doom is also one of two bands to be part of the Doom metal super group Downrising. Doom also performed Doom metal covers of popular songs during their Doom over Europe tour in 1995, including Black Sabbath’s “Symptom of the Universe”, Blue Öyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” and Gary Moore’s “”Over the Hills And Far Away”. Doom is Doom metal’s most popular Doom metal band in Doom metal history. Doom has released five Doom metal studio albums, two Doom metal live albums and three Doom Metal EP’s.

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