Doom – At Doom’s Gate [E1M1] Piano Sheet Music

Doom – At Doom’s Gate [E1M1] Piano Sheet Music

The Doom series has been a huge influence on the video game world, and even though Doom isn’t as popular as it once was, it is still very much alive. Doom (1993) was one of the first games to make an impact on me personally and since I am very passionate about music and gaming, this had led me to dedicate time into learning Doom’s main theme. I think it is one of the best video game themes ever made, and if you’ve played Doom before, then I am sure that you’ll agree with me here.

This article contains spoilers for Doom (1993). If you haven’t played Doom yet or seen playthroughs of Doom on YouTube, then I suggest you don’t read this article as there are spoilers included. Doom – At Doom’s Gate

I first discovered the Doom main theme when I was about 16 or 17 years old playing Doom on my laptop. Doom was installed onto the laptop because it is one of the games that has been labelled as a “must play” by many gamers throughout the years. Doom’s graphic detail was ahead of its time and it still manages to stand out today. Doom is also a very fun game to play, but the part that stuck with me was the main theme itself. Doom has a fantastic soundtrack compared to other video games released during its time, although Doom isn’t really know for its music at all! Doom’s main theme is a very famous part of Doom and it manages to capture the soul of Doom as a result. The Doom main theme has been remixed several times, but there’s only one version that I’d recommend for those wanting to play Doom’s main theme on piano.

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