Donkey Kong 64 – Gloomy Galleon (Ship Ruins) Piano Sheet Music

         Donkey Kong 64 – Gloomy Galleon (Ship Ruins) Piano Sheet Music

         Donkey Kong is back in this Nintendo 64 title, Donkey Kong 64. The game features five huge worlds to explore and each world has seven different levels for a total of 35 playable stages. Donkey Kong may not be the only one who can save Donkey Kong Island again because for the first time, many different characters are available to help Donkey Kong during his adventure.

         Donkey Kong 64 is a 3D action-adventure platformer game which features six playable characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Chunky Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong and the newly added character, Wrinkly Kong. Donkey Kong must rescue his friends from the evil K. Rool in an adventure which spans many different areas including beach, jungle and ship ruins. Donkey Kong’s newest adventure is revealed to have a tie with Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!

         The game has received mostly mixed reviews since its release, ranging from Nintendo 64 classics to being called the worst Donkey Kong game ever. Despite its mixed reviews, Donkey Kong 64 has become an extremely popular Nintendo 64 title and is still being played by many today.

         Donkey Kong’s Treehouse offered a free downloadable sheet music of ” Gloomy Galleon (Ship Ruins)” for fans who completed 100% within Donkey Kong 64. Donkey Kong 64 was the first Donkey Kong game to have music that became available for public use. It is unknown whether or not the other levels will ever get sheet music released. This Donkey Kong 64 piano sheet music is perfect for those who enjoy playing Donkey Kong 64 and Donkey Country games on piano, but don’t know how to play them.

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