Donkey Kong 64 – Creepy Castle (Wind Tower) Piano Sheet Music

Donkey Kong 64: Creepy Castle (Wind Tower) Piano Sheet Music

Scale: C Minor Arrangement by Michael Vieira – July 27, 2006

(Original song is in the key of D minor)     Please don’t use this version to actually learn piano.  This is really just a framework for you to build off of.  I recommend finding an actual tutorial for this song.

Donkey Kong 64: Creepy Castle (Wind Tower) Piano Sheet Music (C minor arrangement by Michael Vieira)

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The Donkey Kong Country series has always been a personal favorite of mine since the SNES days with Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2. And Donkey Kong 64 was a great example of how the Donkey Kong Country platforming formula would work with 3D graphics.  Now, that’s not to say Donkey Kong 64 wasn’t without its issues. Donkey Kong 64 was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 (and later ported onto the iQue Player in China and the Nintendo GameCube as an unlockable bonus). Donkey Kong 64 was a very ambitious game for its time and it showed.  From the huge Donkey Kong 64 world map with a multitude of levels to explore, collectibles, missions, bosses and more, Donkey Kong 64 had no shortage of content. The controls were simple and fluent (I think the C buttons were reserved for targeting) Donkey Kong 64 was truly a great platforming game. And while Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong were nearly indistinguishable in terms of abilities, Diddy had his jetpack and Lanky had his super-long reach. Their respective strengths and weakness made for many interesting gameplay moments. In the later levels when precision jumping was needed, Donkey could not jump as high and far as Diddy could. Donkey Kong was a powerhouse with his ground pounds but couldn’t hover around like Diddy could with his jetpack. And Lanky certainly had his moments when those super-long arms would wreck you if you didn’t time your jumps right. All in all, Donkey Kong 64 was fun for the whole family (if your family was Donkey Kong Country nuts like mine was).

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