Donkey Kong 64 – Candy’s Music Store Piano Sheet Music

For Donkey Kong 64 , there are many songs used throughout the adventure of DK, Diddy and Cranky. With over 18 different songs, it can be hard to keep up with them all if you are trying to learn an individual song!

Donkey Kong 64 has come out in some form for Nintendo’s consoles in every generation since it was released on the Nintendo 64 in 1999. Donkey Kong’s origin game was Donkey Kong , and it has gone through some major changes, but Donkey Kong 64  still feels like Donkey Kong . Donkey is out for a walk one day when he sees a banana flying through the air with Diddy running by to grab it. Donkey takes off after him, and the Donkey Kong Country  series begins.

The Donkey Kong Country series is home to a total of four games, three on the Super Nintendo and one on the Game Boy Color. This game has Donkey Kong’s first adventure in Donkey Kong , Donkey Kong goes bananas again with Donkey Kong Jr.  (where it gets confusing) for Donkey Kong II , Donkey Kong gets kidnapped by King K. Rool and Donkey Kong Country  to save him, and Donkey Kong himself is on a new adventure in Donkey Kong Land . Donkey’s next major appearance would be Donkey Kong 64 , the first 3D Donkey game (excluding Mario Kart ).

DK64 has Cranky advising DK on how to collect the golden bananas and find Donkey Kong’s friends, he tells Donkey to visit his first family member, Candy. Donkey finds a music store, and plays the instruments until Candy shows up with her piano. Donkey Kong then gets the musical instrument, from that point on DK can play any song on any musical pad (excluding boss fights and racing).


Since Donkey Kong 64  is such a long game, with 18 different songs it would be hard to learn the notes for every song. Donkey Kong Country  has some Donkey Kong games that played similar to Donkey Kong 64 , but they were on older consoles and Donkey’s adventure was short. In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze  for Nintendo’s newest system, Donkey moves a little faster and jumps higher than he used to, which gives Donkey Kong Country  music new life.

There are currently four Donkey Kong Country games in total (with Donkey Kong Country Returns being the most recent), Donkey’s first appearance was Donkey Kong , Donkey Kong Jr.  was Donkey’s second appearance, Donkey Kong Country  was Donkey’s third appearance, and Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat was Donkey’s fourth. With over 15 songs total in Donkey Kong Country , it may be daunting to try to learn them all!

The Animal Buddies were introduced in Donkey Kong 64 . There are many different animals for DK and his friends to ride. Donkey Kong 64  is the first Donkey game where Donkey can take on multiple animal buddies, and Donkey can take them anywhere in the entire game! This is Donkey’s fifth appearance, and Donkey has a lot of different games to his name.

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