Donkey Kong 64 – Bonus Barrel Piano Sheet Music

Donkey Kong 64 was the first Donkey Kong game to come to the Nintendo 64, and many new features were introduced. Donkey Kong himself is able to hold up to three weapons at a time. Donkey’s weapon of choice is the Coconut Shooter, which allows him to shoot coconuts in multiple directions. Donkey can also throw his Orange Grenade fruits and use his concertina to bounce across open spaces. Donkey Kong 64 also introduced the first animal helpers in the Donkey Kong series; these were Squawks and Rambi the Rhino. Donkey Kong 64 is currently available for download on Wii Virtual Console.

A new feature to Donkey Kong games was Donkey’s ability to use musical instruments as weapons . Donkey could play his Donkey Kong Barrels in Donkey Kong 64 to defeat enemies and create bridges for Donkey Kong. Donkey received a special Golden Banana for completing the instrument mini game, which was located at every Boss battle except Gloomy Galleon’s.

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