Disgaea DS – Dark Whisper (Instrumental) Piano Sheet Music

Title: Disgaea DS – Dark Whisper (Instrumental) Piano Sheet Music

As much as I love Disgaea games, Disgaea DS is my favorite Disgaea game of all time. The Disgaea series is full of humorous dialogue and unique characters that are it’s trademark. Yet, there is something about Disgaea DS that had always struck me in a strange way. It was Disgaea’s story, Disgaea’s plot, Disgaea’s characters – yet something about it felt different. Out of all the Disgaea I’ve played this one had by far the most gripping storyline and made me attached to its characters unlike any other Disgaea. Disgaea DS was Disgaea at its darkest, Disgaea in a way I’d never seen before.

To say that Disgaea is a strategy role-playing game would be an understatement. Disgaea’s battles are not only fought on a grid field but also within the minds of its characters. Their feelings, their fears, Disgaea’s plot revolves around all of them. Disgaea DS is the story of Adell; an average teenage human boy who tries to summon his father out of pure desperation. When he does successfully summon his father, he quickly realizes that there must be something wrong with this picture because Disgaea’s God, King Krichevskoy, is supposed to be dead. Disgaea DS is a story of loyalty, friendship and breaking out from the shadows that have been cast upon you. Disgaea DS is a story where demons battle it out among themselves in an effort to become Disgaea’s greatest Overlord as well as Adell as he tries to fight Disgaea’s evil overlord and his army.

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