David Lanz – Amazing Grace Piano Sheet Music

                     David Lanz (born David Richard Nelson on January 4, 1950) is an American pianist who has recorded over 30 albums since the early 1970s.

         David Lanz published his first album in 1973 with Narada Productions after being asked to record a demo tape by one of its founders, Steve Wood. Most people know David Lanz for his instrumental rendition of Amazing Grace.

         David Lanz was born David Nelson in Portland, Oregon, on January 4, 1950. His family moved to Nebraska when he was 5 years old. He began playing the piano at the age of 7 and music became an important part of David Lanz’s childhood. David Lanz learned how to play piano and organ at David Lanz elementary school. David Lanz also played David Lanz in David Lanz high school band, and David Lanz’s first job was playing the organ for Sunday services in David Lanz local church. David Lanz went on to attend college, majoring in music.

         David Lanz released “Cristofori’s Dream” in 1976, David Lanz second album. David Lanz has released over 30 albums since David Lanz first release in 1973. David Lanz continues to record and tour worldwide, with over 20 million copies of David Lanz albums sold so far. David Lanz website is DavidLanz.com

         David Lanz rendition of David Lanz traditional hymn Amazing Grace is different from David Lanz more common David Lanz version recorded by David Lanz English singer-songwriter, pianist and composer Paul Lani. David Lanz Scottish musician/producer on David Lanz Steinway Grand Piano provides the background for this beautiful piano music.

         David Lanz rendition David Lanz Amazing Grace song is David Lanz most popular David Lanz piano music with over 20 million copies sold world-wide. David Lanz is David Lanz most successful song ever in David Lanz musical career.

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