Dark Cloud 2 – Fading Consciousness Piano Sheet Music

title of song Dark Cloud 2 – Fading Consciousness

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Whenever I play this piece, it feels so… quiet. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song (in my opinion). Dark Cloud 2 is one of my favorite video games ever. The piano sheet music for Dark Cloud 1 and Dark Cloud 3 are available on sheet music websites such as musescore.com and artpublishing.net, but I couldn’t find Dark Cloud 2 anywhere in sheet music form. So I decided to transcribe it myself!

In Dark Cloud 2, most of the songs fall under a category called ‘battle themes,’ which means that they’re meant to be played during the player’s turn in battle. Dark Cloud 2 DOES play slower, more mellow and peaceful music sometimes, but for the most part it’s a fast-paced game that requires quick thinking on the player’s end. The Dark Cloud series as a whole is one of my favorite RPG franchises; Dark Cloud 1 was an SNES game that Dark Cloud 2 was the PS2 sequel of. Dark Cloud 3 never got released outside of Japan, but Dark Cloud 2 is definitely worth playing through if you’re looking for an RPG game that’s not too serious!

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