Coldplay – Clocks Piano Sheet Music

Coldplay – Clocks Coldplay is a band that I’m sure everyone reading this knows. Their popularity exploded in the UK and spread to America after their second album release, A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002). Lead singer Chris Martin has an amazing voice and the piano arrangements that Coldplay use are often very simple but incredibly beautiful and the combination of piano with Coldplay’s haunting lyrics is one that is often used.

Coldplay – Clocks Coldplay song Clocks has a great piano arrangement, using arpeggios to set the melody for much of the piece. The first verse begins with Bb(add9), Eb(minor), Ab chords. Coldplay often use the C major scale with an added minor ninth, which is very common in pop music but Coldplay manage to make it sound pretty creative and unique. To get this Coldplay sound you need to learn a variety of Coldplay songs (a couple will suffice!) and listen out for this C major scale with an added minor ninth. Coldplay play a 2-bar intro, which then leads into the first verse. The piano part is played with just one hand (or you can use both) and it’s actually very simple but Coldplay make it sound pretty good.

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