Coda – Bloody Stream Piano Sheet Music

In the anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Coda is a warrior from the Speedwagon Foundation who specializes in assassinations. Coda frequently fights enemies armed with knives and throwing projectiles. Coda initially appeared as a minor antagonist during Part 1 of the manga/anime series, but near the end of his first fight with Jonathan Joestar, Coda decided to switch sides and became a supporting protagonist. Coda is voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu in the 2013 anime adaptation of Part 1.

Coda first appeared as a man with black hair wearing sunglasses that follows Jonathan Joestar around in an attempt to assassinate him. Coda initially used throwing knives, but upon being cornered by Ripple master Tonpetty, Coda switches from using knives to using a crossbow. Coda succeeds in hitting Jonathan with a poison-tipped arrow and tries to escape before Joseph Joestar arrives and defeats Coda by throwing a stone slab at his head knocking Coda out cold. Coda is later seen being held captive by the Speedwagon Foundation where Coda reveals that he was hired by William Anthonio Zeppeli to assassinate Jonathan. Coda then warns Joseph of an oncoming threat that will arrive soon enough. Coda later becomes willing to join the Joestar Group and assists them in their fight against Bruford and Tarkus, Coda joins in his fight against Tarkus and tricks him by pretending to die in Coda’s arms, Coda is later surprised when Tarkus critically injures himself when Coda misses with one of his throwing knives.

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